4 Tips To Help You Prepare Your Oil Heating System While It Is Not In Use

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With the hot weather, you may not be thinking about your heating system. While you are not using your heating system, it is a good time to think about preparing it for the winter months. You may want to do things like replace filters, flush tanks and have home heating fuel delivered. It can be a lot less costly to do these things now, rather than wait for winter. If you want to start preparing your heating system, here are some tips to help you be prepared when the first frost arrives:

24 July 2015

2 Tips To Prevent Diesel Fuel Filter Clogs


Your vehicle's diesel fuel filter has a very important job -- filtering out contaminants to help prevent them from getting in the fuel tank and the other components of your fuel system. Replacing your fuel filter as needed is imperative to keeping your vehicle in good running condition, but preventing your filter from getting clogged in the first place can save you money and help prevent problems. These are two simple tips that can help you keep your diesel fuel filter from becoming clogged.

6 July 2015

Brakes That Go Bump In The Night: Why Your Car Vibrates At Stop Signs

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There is a certain feeling of dread that can come with any funny noise that your car makes. This is especially true if you think your brakes are the culprit. Large brake jobs can be expensive, but not getting them taken care of can cause many other problems; from uneven wearing on your tires to other safety issues, such as brake failure. If your car feels like it is vibrating every time you put your foot on the brake, there could be one of several things going on.

22 June 2015

How To Change The Air Filter On Your Car

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The air filter protects your car's engine from contaminants from getting inside and causing damage. A dirty air filter can also have a negative effect on your gas consumption as the engine has to work that much harder to get up to speed. Replacing the air filter is fairly simple and can be done yourself by following these easy step-by-step instructions. To change the air filter you will need the following tools:

4 June 2015

Dealing With A Malfunctioning Car Battery: The Cause & Cost For A New One

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Does is take a long time for the engine to crank up when you start your car up? The problem may stem from your battery needing to be recharged, but it can also mean that you need to invest in a new battery. In this article, learn what can lead to car batteries malfunctioning and what a new one will cost. What Can Cause a Car Battery to Malfunction? If you suddenly are unable to start your car, it may stem from lights being left on overnight.

20 May 2015

Off-Roading 101 - Prepping For Your First Off-Road Experience

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There is nothing more exhilarating than taking your SUV out on the open road and exploring areas that no other vehicle can possibly access. Imagine the thrill of climbing up mountainous terrains, exploring sandy beaches and splashing through deep, muddy rivets… If you're an adventure seeker, off-roading will definitely satisfy your need to have fun. Before you head out and explore the off-road, you're going to want to make sure that you are fully prepared.

29 April 2015

Want To Transport Celebrities? Learn Three Upgrades You Need To Make To Your Limo


Starting your own limo company can be exciting. If you want to have the opportunity to transport celebrities, you need to have your limo customized to ensure that you can provide them with the safest ride possible. The following guide walks you through some customizations to make to your limo to make it ready for celebrity transportation. Bulletproof Glass The first thing you need to realize is that celebrities are often at risk of being shot by a crazy fan.

13 April 2015

5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Windshield

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Even if you are the most careful driver in the world, your windshield can still get damaged. For example, the car in front of you can kick up tiny rocks on your windshield and cause a chip. A little chip might not seem like a big deal, but it can turn into a big crack over time. Here are five tips for taking care of your windshield. 1. Park Your Car in the Shade

29 March 2015

Mercedes Car Tips: Common Problems To Watch Out For

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Cars will have problems, and most car owners know this. Your Mercedes is no different from any other car, but the issues do differ. The following guide will teach you some of the common problems that Mercedes usually have and will teach you some signs to look out for.  Electrical and Alternator Problems All electrical issues can be traced to your battery, but the battery is not always the cause. The culprit for battery issues is most likely a bad alternator, which is a common problem for a Mercedes.

11 March 2015

Save Money With These DIY Car Repair Tips

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You still love your car but over the years it's taken on its share of dings and bruises. You may have had the thought more than once that "I should take the car in and have that fixed" and now there are a dozen things to repair. If you're handy with a set of household tools, you can do several of these cosmetic repairs yourself. By getting parts at an auto salvage yard, such as Karr Parts, you'll save money over buying new aftermarket or original parts.

26 February 2015