Mercedes Car Tips: Common Problems To Watch Out For

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Cars will have problems, and most car owners know this. Your Mercedes is no different from any other car, but the issues do differ. The following guide will teach you some of the common problems that Mercedes usually have and will teach you some signs to look out for. 

Electrical and Alternator Problems

All electrical issues can be traced to your battery, but the battery is not always the cause. The culprit for battery issues is most likely a bad alternator, which is a common problem for a Mercedes. The alternator helps your battery charge and keeps it alive (as long as the car battery lasts, normally 4 to 5 years). You should know that an alternator does not charge your battery properly if you are taking trips that are shorter than 30 minutes. So avoid short trips to extend the life of your alternator. 

The following are a few signs of a bad alternator:

  • Dimming lights
  • Power windows or other electrical components functioning slower than usual
  • Warning light for your alternator turning on, even if it does this for only one second
  • Strange smell resembling electrical fire coming from your belt. Your serpentine belt might be slipping on the pulley because your alternator is simply not producing enough power, which causes the belt to heat up too much. 
  • Strange sounds like whining or grinding. This could be due to worn out bearings inside your alternator. 

Be sure to talk to your Mercedes specialist if you notice any of these issues. 

Ignition Switch Issues

The problem with technology is it can fail, which is something that may happen to your ignition switch. Most Mercedes have an electronic ignition switch to help you turn your vehicle on. This feature sounds wonderful if it's working, as it electronically recognizes your key and only lets you turn on the car. But this switch can fail, making it impossible for you to turn on your car.

Engine Coolant Issues

Another issue you may have with your vehicle lies in the cooling system of your engine. One could simply be a leaky radiator, and you will notice a coolant leak under your vehicle. The other could be a faulty water pump pulley.

The following are a few signs of water pump issues:

  • Frequent overheating
  • Noise from your bearing
  • Leaks from the weep of your water pump, which is usually located right under your water pump

Talk to your Mercedes specialist, one like Wolfe's Foreign Auto, about other signs to look for. But it is always best to keep up with your regular checks before any of these issues become costly repairs. 


11 March 2015

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