How To Change The Air Filter On Your Car

The air filter protects your car’s engine from contaminants from getting inside and causing damage. A dirty air filter can also have a negative effect on your gas consumption as the engine has to work that much harder to get up to speed. Replacing the air filter is fairly simple and can be done yourself […]

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Off-Roading 101 – Prepping For Your First Off-Road Experience

There is nothing more exhilarating than taking your SUV out on the open road and exploring areas that no other vehicle can possibly access. Imagine the thrill of climbing up mountainous terrains, exploring sandy beaches and splashing through deep, muddy rivets… If you’re an adventure seeker, off-roading will definitely satisfy your need to have fun. […]

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What To Look For In An Auto Mechanic

When your car starts making a rumbling sound or your AC suddenly starts blowing hot air, you know you need to take your vehicle into a mechanic. If you are apprehensive about just where to go, use this guide to help you choose a great one for your vehicle. Friendly service Friendly service starts over […]

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