Brakes That Go Bump In The Night: Why Your Car Vibrates At Stop Signs

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There is a certain feeling of dread that can come with any funny noise that your car makes. This is especially true if you think your brakes are the culprit. Large brake jobs can be expensive, but not getting them taken care of can cause many other problems; from uneven wearing on your tires to other safety issues, such as brake failure. If your car feels like it is vibrating every time you put your foot on the brake, there could be one of several things going on. Here are a few things that may be causing your car to go bump, and what you can do about them. 

A Loose Bracket

One reason that your car can make a funny vibrating sound when you stop actually has nothing to do with the brakes. It is also a very easy problem to fix and may cost you very little (if anything) to repair. Many of the parts under your car, such as the muffler, are held in place by brackets. These metal or rubber clamps hold your exhaust system securely to the car. If one of them becomes loose, your muffler will vibrate when the car stops. In order to avoid needing a serious repair (or your muffler falling off while you are driving down the road), have a trusted auto mechanic replace or reattach the bracket. 

Uneven Wear On the Tires

Another thing that can cause your car to vibrate when braking is for your tires to be wearing unevenly. This is often caused by alignment problems, and can make your tires need to be replaced sooner than usual. In order to correct this problem, it may be necessary to have your car's front-end aligned and your tires replaced or rotated, so that the tread can begin to wear correctly.

Warped Rotors

If your brakes are starting to wear, it can cause your rotors to overheat and become uneven or warped. This can cause your car to vibrate or bump when you press on the brakes. In order to make sure this problem is fixed correctly, the first thing that needs to be addressed is the cause. A trusted mechanic can help you to get a better understanding of the cause of your uneven braking and address the root problem. After this is taken care of, having your rotors either machined (smoothed out on a lathe) or replaced will fix the vibration problem.

If your car is going bump in the night, there is no need to be afraid. However, there is a need for action. Get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible in order to address your vibration problem before it becomes more serious.

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22 June 2015

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