Want To Transport Celebrities? Learn Three Upgrades You Need To Make To Your Limo


Starting your own limo company can be exciting. If you want to have the opportunity to transport celebrities, you need to have your limo customized to ensure that you can provide them with the safest ride possible. The following guide walks you through some customizations to make to your limo to make it ready for celebrity transportation.

Bulletproof Glass

The first thing you need to realize is that celebrities are often at risk of being shot by a crazy fan. In order to get to the celebrity, a crazed individual could attempt to shoot the driver of the limo to make the vehicle stop moving. It is best to have all of the glass replaced with bulletproof glass. There are windshields and windows available for just about any limo you may own. The glass can be replaced the same way that glass is traditionally replaced in a car.

Tinted Windows

You need to be sure that the paparazzi cannot see into the car so that the celebrities can have discretion. Have the windows, the rear windshield, and even the sunroof tinted to ensure that no one is able to get a picture of their favorite celebrity without the celebrity's permission. You may be able to get a darker grade of tint, if your jurisdiction sets different guidelines for limos than personal vehicles.

Armored Door Panels

Another safety feature that is available for limos is armored door panels. The armored doors ensure that bullets are not able to easily penetrate through the door. Traditional doors are thin and a bullet can easily pass through them. The armored doors will be a bit heavier than traditional doors, which may make your vehicle a little less fuel efficient, but it will be worth the investment if you are able to transport celebrities because they will often pay a lot for safe, reliable transportation.

All of these changes take very little time to do, if you use trusted companies. You want to be sure that you have the glass windshield replaced and tinted before adding the armored plates. The glass technicians have to take apart the door to gain access to the window glass. Having the glass changed first allows you to be sure that the technicians are able to do their job quickly and easily without having to worry about removing the plates to get to do what they need to do to upgrade the glass in your limo.   


13 April 2015

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