How To Change The Air Filter On Your Car

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The air filter protects your car's engine from contaminants from getting inside and causing damage. A dirty air filter can also have a negative effect on your gas consumption as the engine has to work that much harder to get up to speed. Replacing the air filter is fairly simple and can be done yourself by following these easy step-by-step instructions.

To change the air filter you will need the following tools:

  • A new air filter
  • A screwdriver
  • A pair of gloves
  1. Purchase a new air filter that matches the make and model for your particular car. Consult with the auto parts professional at your local parts store to confirm that it is the correct air filter for your make and model. A new air filter will cost you less than twenty dollars at most auto parts stores.
  2. Park the car and shut off the engine. Give it about thirty minutes to cool down before you start working underneath the hood. Pop open the hood of the car and use the prop rod to hold it open.
  3. Locate the air filter box and usually located on the side of the engine of most makes and models of automobile. The box will typically be connected to a large hose and have metal clips on the side.
  4. Open the air filter by detach the clasps on the side of the box. Some air filters may have a screw holding them in place which will require a screwdriver to get the box open.
  5. Put on a pair of gloves and then remove the dirty air filter and dispose of it in a trash can. Be careful that you don't get the dirt on your hands when you touch the air filter. The dirt and grime can spread very quickly onto clothing and elsewhere if you are not careful when handling the dirty air filter.
  6. Set the new air filter inside the box in place of the old one. Make sure that is securely set in place and then close the air filter box by screwing it into place or attaching the clasps.

Following the steps above will improve the overall performance of your engine and replacing the dirty filter should only take a couple minutes. If you notice that the car is still not performing at peak levels then you should take it into a professional auto repair shop such as Ken's Auto Services, Inc and have it inspected by a professional mechanic.


4 June 2015

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