Dealing With A Malfunctioning Car Battery: The Cause & Cost For A New One

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Does is take a long time for the engine to crank up when you start your car up? The problem may stem from your battery needing to be recharged, but it can also mean that you need to invest in a new battery. In this article, learn what can lead to car batteries malfunctioning and what a new one will cost.

What Can Cause a Car Battery to Malfunction?

If you suddenly are unable to start your car, it may stem from lights being left on overnight. When lights are left on for prolonged periods of time, it causes the battery to become drained of energy. Your battery may still be in a good condition if the energy is gone. All you have to do is get the battery recharged by taking your vehicle to a mechanic. Jumper cables can be used to recharge the battery with another vehicle if you are stranded.

Your car battery may malfunction when the fluid inside of it is low. The fluid can become low naturally, or it can also leak out. You can usually tell when a battery is weak because the check engine light will start coming on a lot. There is also a clear area on the case of the battery that allows you to see the fluid level. If a leak is the problem, your battery will have to be cleaned in the area where cables can be connected and recharged.

A malfunctioning car battery can also be the result of low energy from being exposed to excessive heat. When the battery becomes too hot, the case can swell up. Your battery will have to be charged a lot because the energy will drain out a lot faster than usual. It may be a good idea to get a new battery if the case is swollen.

How Much Does a New Car Battery Cost?

The price for a new battery will depend on the make and model of your car, as well as the quality of battery that you invest in. The battery alone can cost an average of up to $200 plus. However, you are looking to spend up to $300 plus if you want a professional to install the battery for you as well.

Don't end up stranded by not getting your battery promptly inspected when your vehicle is not cranking up efficiently. Contact a professional to get your car battery recharged or replaced or contact a company like Hub Auto Supply to learn more.


20 May 2015

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