Three Keys To Safer Driving And A Cleaner Driving Record

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If you want to keep your drivers license clean and make the most of your time on the road, there are some quality tips that you should keep in mind. The tips laid out below will be helpful to you whether you are just starting to drive or if you have been driving for decades. By following the guidelines below, you'll avoid wrecks and problems with the law. To that end, read on and give yourself the help that you need by employing these strategies. 

​Be Strict With The Speed Limit

Even if you have never gotten behind the wheel of a car a single day in your life, you likely understand the hazards of speeding. However, most drivers seem to give themselves some wiggle room when it comes to following the speed limit. While it is conventional thought that you won't get pulled over unless you are driving more than 10 mph over the speed limit, this speed can have incredible risks associated with it. Studies show that going just 10 mph over the limit boosts the risk of getting into a wreck by up to 50 percent. Rather than trying to beat the traffic and get to your destination sooner, make provisions to leave in a good enough time.

Lower Your Accident Risk Through Increased Attention And Visibility

The two keys to avoid wrecks that are in your control are to keep your eyes on the road and increase your visibility. This means making sure that your headlights are always in good condition and using them, even in daylight hours, so that you give other drivers a chance to see you and avoid accidents. You should also avoid cell phone use altogether, or at the very least employ a hands-free mode with your vehicle, because being engaged with your cell phone can cause you to take your eyes off the road by almost 5 seconds. This can lead to incredibly drastic circumstances which will leave you either hurting yourself or someone else.

Take A Defensive Driving Course

To keep your driving record clean and to pick up some tips along the way, consider taking a defensive driving class. These classes are useful no matter how long you've been driving. These classes are especially useful if you have gotten some penalties or infractions on your record, as they will take away demerit points and allow you to avoid license suspension and other, harsher penalties. Make sure to choose a driving school that is accredited by the local DMV office. Contact a school like the American Driving Academy for more information.


26 August 2015

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