What To Look For In An Auto Mechanic


When your car starts making a rumbling sound or your AC suddenly starts blowing hot air, you know you need to take your vehicle into a mechanic. If you are apprehensive about just where to go, use this guide to help you choose a great one for your vehicle.

Friendly service

Friendly service starts over the phone. When you call mechanics in your area to look at your car, take note of the hold times, the greeting over the phone, and any answers to the questions that you may have. If a shop tells you to simply bring your car in when you start to explain symptoms over the phone, this is a red flag. An experienced mechanic should be able to give you a basic diagnosis over the phone before they tell you to bring your vehicle in for a free inspection.


Always take your car to a few mechanics before you choose one to repair your car's issues. The right mechanic will pinpoint just what is wrong with your vehicle and address that issue only. They will show you evidence of why your vehicle is failing, even if you don't really understand what is going on. Be wary of mechanics who try to tell you your tires need replacing, your solenoid is failing, and your transmission is going out when all you went in for was to get your timing belt replaced. The right mechanic will diagnose the issue you called them about, and possibly make suggestions of future vehicle repairs, rather than try to intimidate you to pay for services you don't really need right now.


The right mechanic will give you an honest estimate about the work that needs to be done, and give you a breakdown of the costs. They should be able to tell you how much replacement parts will cost (used, if applicable, to save you money), how much labor will be going into the job, and any housing fees in the event your vehicle should require a few days to fix. If a cost cannot be backed up, it may be a sign that the mechanic is trying to overcharge you for their service because you don't know any better.

Mechanics, like Professional Automotive, work hard to get you and your car back on the road. But finding a great mechanic is all about doing your homework. To do this, have your vehicle inspected by multiple companies, expect great customer service, and look for mechanics who can back their estimates up. This way, you'll know you have a mechanic you can trust.


6 February 2015

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