High School Need Money? Go Above and Beyond Selling Candy Bars


Most people have purchased $1 candy bars from a child fundraising for their school. Even though this is a great way to raise money, you can do other unique things, such as using vehicle magnets, renting a kid, and selling custom socks.

Vehicle Magnets

Create vehicle magnets for the teachers' cars, as well as the teenagers that drive. Make the magnets large and colorful so they are easily seen by people as you are driving by them. Put the name of your school, and what you are raising money for. Put a magnet on each side of your car, and even the top for those driving taller vehicles. These magnets will not harm the paint, and they are easy to put on and take off.

If you do not want to use a custom car magnet, they also make wraps that will cling to the vehicle, which are also easy to put on and remove.

Knee-Hi Custom Socks

Make some custom socks for the children to wear, as well as to sell. You can have these made, or let some of the parents make them if they are able to. The socks should be the school colors, as well as the mascot and name of school.

Children should wear the socks with shorts so they are easily seen, or roll up their jeans, pants, etc.  You can also hold a sale and sell the custom socks to those in your town or city by either selling them during sports games, letting the children holding a sale at an establishment, etc.

Rent a Kid

Teenagers can do all sorts of jobs for people, such as mowing lawns, watching homes, walking dogs, and more. They can even clean windows and scrub floors if needed. Advertise this service in your area, such as on your school's sign, flyers in grocery stores, etc., listing the services offered and prices. Make sure you know the person renting the child, as they should not be a stranger. Chances are people in your area will hire one of the children to help you make some money, as well as help them out.

Combine more than one way to raise some money for your high school. For example, you can sell bags of fruit with your school's logo on the packaging if it is the right time of year. Sign up with a company that offers this service. They will likely provide you with order forms that you can give to people to fill out how many bags of fruit they want. You will then deliver the fruit to them when it comes in.


2 February 2015

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