A Used Car Is The Right First Car For Your Kid


Do you have a child that is getting ready to start driving? Have they been pestering you to buy them a car? Well, you should tell them right off that your last name isn't Rockefeller. Once you finish explaining who that is, you can go on to explain that it's not a great idea to buy a new car for a teenager no matter how rich you are.

Used Cars Are No Longer "Not Cool"

It used to be that people who drove used cars were considered poor or "not cool" by some. While this is a silly mindset, it was common. However, in recent years, used cars have become more and more common.

In fact, the nomenclature has even changed. Now you see "pre-owned" cars for sale everywhere. Odds are that many of the people you see around you on the highway are driving used cars.

People Don't Keep Their Cars As Long Anymore

The days when a person brought a car and drove it for fifteen or twenty years is mostly over. There are still people who hold on to their cars, but with the popularity of short-term leases, many people get a new car every three years.

Those three year old cars are not new, but they are not old. They will be offered up for lease again or for sale. These are used cars, but they are in good shape. Most of them have been serviced regularly, if they were on lease, and they don't have half a million miles on them.

You Won't Stress The Scratches

A new driver is still getting used to handling an automobile. Teen drivers are at the highest risk for accidents. Newer "used cars" are safe. No one is recommending you purchase a 1980s era deathtrap. You can get used cars that have safety bags, crash resistant technology, and everything else you want.

What you do want is a car that won't cause major issues if your teen driver dents or scratches it.

They might scratch the side of the car when pulling into a spot. They might put the car into reverse too fast and bang into the garage. There are countless ways that they might ding the car.  

That said, it makes a lot of sense to have an older, less expensive car. If they dent the door, you don't want it to be a major cause of stress. If they dent the door of a brand new BMW, then they are going to freak out and it is also going to cost a lot of money.

The older the car, the more wear and tear it will have. A minor dent or scratch on a used car won't stand out as much as it will on a car that's only a few months old.

If you want to get a used car for your kid, check out dealerships like Miracle Mile Motors.


21 January 2015

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