Transmission Maintenance: Getting The Most Out Of Your Vehicle

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A functioning transmission is vital to your vehicle's ability to get up and go. This is because while your engine is responsible for creating the power your vehicle needs, your transmission is responsible for converting this energy into the torque needed to propel your vehicle forward or backwards. Consequently, if you truly want to get the most out of your vehicle, you will need to ensure that your transmission stays in tip-top shape. Thankfully, accomplishing this goal can be simple with just a bit of basic maintenance.

Short Term Maintenance Of Your Transmission

Your transmission will require a very specific amount of fluid in order to run properly. If this system does not have enough fluid, the gears inside your transmission will begin to grind, causing the metal on these gears to wear down over time until they are no longer able grip each other properly. On the other hand, if your transmission has too much fluid, it will not be able to maintain the friction necessary to prevent your gears from slipping while you are driving. This is why the most important maintenance you can perform on a short term basis is to ensure your transmission fluid remains at an appropriate level.

When checking your transmission fluid levels, you will need to ensure that the vehicle is at operating temperature. After allowing your vehicle to warm up, simply remove the cap from your transmission and remove the dipstick found beneath the cap. Using a microfiber cloth, clean all fluid off the dipstick to ensure you get an accurate reading. Once the dipstick has been wiped clean, simply place the dipstick back in its original position inside your transmission. Remove the dipstick one final time and make note of where the fluid level is in relation to the level markings along the surface of the dipstick. If necessary, add more fluid at this time. This maintenance should be repeated each time you have your vehicle's oil changed.

Ling Term Maintenance Of Your Transmission

Over time, debris will build up inside your transmission fluid. In addition to clogging your transmission filter and restricting circulation, this debris can also leave deposits on the metal surfaces of your transmission. If these deposits are not removed in a timely fashion, they can begin to eat away at the metal and cause your transmission to fail. This is why it is so important to have your transmission fluid replaced and the inside of your transmission cleaned after your vehicle reaches 100,000 miles.

This long term maintenance is typically referred to as a transmission flush and should always be performed by a qualified professional, like those at Karry's Automotive Service Center, in order to prevent any damage to your vehicle.


10 January 2015

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