How To Apply Window Tint To Your Vehicle's Windows


Window tint can make your vehicle look mysterious and luxurious while giving you the benefit of having a shaded area to keep cool. You will enjoy not having the glare of the sun penetrating through your windows, making it difficult to see from the brightness. Applying window tint can be accomplished on your own with the proper materials and a little time and patience. For professional assistance, contact specialists, such as those from SML Window Tint.

Materials Needed

  • Window tinting material and solution (these usually come together in a kit form)
  • Window cleaning spray
  • Sponge
  • Utility knife
  • Razor blade
  • Squeegee
  • Lint-free piece of cloth

Cleaning The Area

You will first want to clean the interior of the glass where the tinting will be applied. Use window cleaning spray and a sponge to thoroughly clean the window that you will be working on first. Dry the windowing using a lint-free piece of cloth.

Preparing The Tint

Roll out the tint and place it against the window to see how much you will need to apply. You can use a utility knife to make cuts in the tint where needed. Leave an extra 1/4" of tint along the bottom of the window to be placed underneath the gasket after the bulk of the tint is applied. Roll down the window so you will be able to trim the tint to fit.

Placing The Tint

Remove the liner from the tinting material and use the solution provided to spray on the adhesive that the liner was covering. Spray the window it will be covering, as well. After it is completely saturated, place the tint on the window and move into place before it starts to dry. Lift up the gasket material on the bottom of your window and slide the bottom portion of the tint material into the groove against the window.

Finishing Touches

Spray the tinting material that is now exposed on the interior of your window. Use a squeegee to push any water droplets out from underneath the adhesive material by pressing it against the tinted portion and dragging it toward the tint edges. Use a cloth to mop up any excess moisture.

Use another piece of lint-free cloth wrapped around the squeegee and repeat the procedure to further get moisture and air bubbles out from underneath the tint. This will also dry the layer of tint after it is applied. After the tint is placed, you will want it to cure for a full week.


7 January 2015

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